Game Boy Classic probably isn't Nintendo's next miniature system


The Japanese video game company filed a trademark in its home country on September 15, which included an image of the original 1989 Game Boy.

Could this mean a Game Boy Classic Mini will be Nintendo's 2018 retro console release rather than then N64?

If Nintendo does take the Classic Edition route with the Game Boy, hopefully it doesn't miniaturize it like it did with other consoles. Though numerous categories are not related to the gaming, it may have been included to protect the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy brand, notes Kotaku.

A year ago to everyone's surprise, Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition, which is basically a re-release of the NES console that came with various NES games preinstalled.

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Looking for something a little more universal? DarkGiygas created this awesome border, which mimics original Super Nintendo box art.

A trademark application this broad is, of course, no indication that Nintendo has any plans to release a Classic Mini Game Boy but it's interesting timing given the recent release of the SNES Classic Mini. In 2005, the Japanese firm came up with a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance, dubbed as the Game Boy Micro. Nostalgic games such as "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" is part of the list, aside from those already included in the original and official list.

As for why the company is filing these patents, Nintendo could just be attempting to prevent third-party companies from using the likeness of the Game Boy or the Nintendo 64 for non-affiliated products.

Separately, there are reports that the Japanese company could be working on one more "Classic Edition", this time of the N64 console, which sold almost 33 million units during its availability from 1996-2003.