Britain, EU clash over next Brexit move


A leading conservative commentator has said Theresa May is "unfit" to be Prime Minister after refusing to say she would vote for Brexit if there was a fresh referendum today.

But EU officials have stubbornly refused to so far, claiming that not enough progress has been made on the Brexit divorce bill.

"While I believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed, it is also our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality, so that is exactly what we are doing", she said.

"There has been, so far, no solution found on step one, which is the divorce proceedings, so the ball is entirely in the UK's court for the rest to happen". With British Prime Minister Theresa May due to address parliament, both sides have now said that the other is responsible for making the next move.

"We hear from London that the United Kingdom government is preparing for a "no deal" scenario".

More than a year has passed since Britain voted to leave the European Union, and six months since Britain triggered the two-year countdown to its European Union exit.

- Britain will not revoke Article 50, which would stop the Brexit talks and keep Britain in the EU.

'Achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility, not just from us but from our friends, the 27 nations of the EU. "But I am optimistic we will receive a positive response".

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"So the ball is entirely in the United Kingdom court for the rest to happen", he said.

Business groups have been eager for the government to confirm what will happen immediately after March 2019, when Britain formally leaves the EU.

"Now the reality for this Tory (Conservative) government is beginning to bite, but if things do not improve, the reality may soon begin to bite for the jobs and living standards of the people of this country", said Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party.

European Union negotiators say that while they see no big breakthrough at the summit next week, they may offer May a hand by offering hope of a shift at the next scheduled meeting in mid-December.

The Prime Minister campaigned for Remain during last year's referendum, but has been charged with delivering Brexit since taking over from David Cameron.

The EU is playing a "game" by stalling Brexit talks in a row over the divorce bill and should reach a "speedy" deal with Britain, Denmark's finance minister has said. Under the headline: "Theresa May will stay as Prime Minister and get the job done", interior minister Amber Rudd wrote in us newspaper that "she should stay". After May's bungled election, her failure to unite the cabinet and a poor party conference, "the writing is on the wall", he said.

The United Kingdom remains deeply divided over Brexit which most senior politicians view as the most important decision Britain has taken since World War Two. "We should have no fears about a "no deal" scenario".

Nina said: "I'm extremely anxious about my future".