Twitter developing a 'save for later' feature to privately bookmark tweets


Only last month the news came that Twitter is introducing 280 characters tweet, now twitter announced another feature called "Save for later". At present, if you want to save a tweet for later, you have to either message it to yourself or Like it. Here the user would be able to bookmark a tweet.

If we talk about the current time, Twitter users can save tweets by liking, retweeting or just by DMing.

Both Coleman and Shah emphasised that they would be relying on community feedback to flesh out the new tool, and encouraged users to tweet at them with the #SaveForLater hashtag.

In terms of new services, Twitter recently began testing a 280 character limit with some users, which would double the now available word count.

The feature is in the experiment phase and the company is still looking for feedback as they share designs.

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The product manager of Twitter, Jesar Shah has also shared a quick demo regarding this new Save for Later feature which you can find out in the above tweets which was shared by him through his own Twitter handle.

If you want to bookmark something controversial, for instance, and do it with a Like, the update could appear in your followers' main feed.

What's key for Twitter to get right is the interface for viewing saved tweets. The "send via DM" option is expected to be replaced by an overflow menu that reveals a similar feature. The new in-house option will most likely be the fastest process for storing tweets, allowing for a streamlined, private list not stored with a third party. You can even save the tweet with Add to Bookmark feature.

Changes to Twitter's timeline also means "liked" tweets actually show up in other people's timelines. But according to a Twitter spokesperson, the company will launch it publicly soon.