Colin Kaepernick Says He'll Stand During National Anthem on One Condition


An abundance of quarterbacks in the National Football League, whose skills are feeble compared to Kaepernick's, have been signed post his "freedom". During the segment, anchor James Brown turned to the anthem debate: "And kneeling, he said?" According to La Canfora, Kaepernick does not plan on kneeling for the anthem this season, as was reported early in the offseason by ESPN's Adam Schefter. La Canfora's original story was referenced by a few outlets, including the Associated Press (AP), who later issued a correction.

Kaepernick himself retweeted posts that La Canfora's report was false, and later, a quote he attributed to Winston Churchill about lies.

Minutes after Diab's post, Kaepernick obliquely chimed in on the erroneous report as well: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its trousers on".

In his retelling of the conversation on CBS Sports on Sunday, La Canfora said Kaepernick would not kneel during the National Anthem if given the opportunity to return to the NFL. "He's going to donate all his jersey sales and he's planning on standing for the anthem, if given the opportunity", La Canfora said.

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"Colin would have to address any future demonstrations", Mr La Canfora said in one tweet.

A spokesperson for CBS sports referred CNNMoney to those tweets. He told the media he was protesting against the treatment of blacks in the United States.

La Canfora tweeted later that he does not know what Kaepernick would do during the anthem. The network also fired company executive Hayley Geftman-Gold after she called some victims of the Las Vegas shooting "Republican gun toters" and implied they didn't deserve sympathy.

The president told the crowd at the rally on September 22 that teams should fire players who kneel during the anthem.