McDonald's admits epic fail after fans couldn't get Szechuan Sauce


McDonald's took to Twitter to respond to the public outcry for more of the Szechuan sauce. Let's just fans weren't exactly happy with how the limited-batch promotion was run, as they took to social media to express their anger and disappointment. The Adult Swim cartoon's season premiere ended with a plea from mad scientist Rick for McDonald's to bring back its Szechuan McNugget sauce.

Fast-food fans are apparently going to great lengths to get their hands on a rare McDonald's dipping sauce - even if it means paying a huge mark-up.

McDonald's teased the fleeting return of a 1990s Mulan-themed dipping item, Szechuan Sauce, after fan interest was piqued due to its mention on the animated series Rick and Morty in April 2017.

Now it looks as if their tears may soon turn to smiles as McDonald's last night released a statement saying it had been "truly humbled" by the response.

People are selling Szechuan sauce on eBay for more than $200.eBayCustomers were furious at McDonald's after its "really, really limited" edition Szechuan sauce supply failed to come even close to meeting demand.

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The logical conclusion seems to be that McDonald's is deliberately, artificially limiting the amount of Szechuan goodness that's entering circulation. Dozens of customers showed up at select locations across the USA, only to find that each restaurant only had 20 to 40 sauce packets and 10 "Rick and Morty" posters.

Reading the actual tweet, it's not clear when the sauce will be available and whether it will be available at all restaurants. "The best fans in the multiverse showed us what they got today". In at least one instance, the police were called to deal with an angry crowd chanting "We want sauce".

So Rick and Morty fans who did not get their sauce probably should just wait a couple of months rather than spend $1,000 to get it now. "So, we're gonna make this right".

The result: a lot of disappointed people were unable to get the precious Mulan McNugget sauce.