Las Vegas Shooter reserved hotel rooms across from Lollapalooza: Possible Target


According to TMZ, Paddock specifically requested rooms overlooking Grant Park, but he never showed up at the Blackstone.

Secondly, garage records show that "during a period when Paddock's auto left the hotel garage", one of his key cards was used to access his room.

They believe a note found on a nightstand in Paddock's hotel room contained a series of numbers that helped him calculate a more precise aim, accounting for the trajectory of shots being fired from that height and the distance between his room and the concert, a law enforcement official said Saturday.

"We are aware of the media reports and have been in communication with our federal partners", chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune.

Paddock booked 2 rooms at the Blackstone Hotel, one on August 1 and another on August 3.

They also know he rented an apartment in a Las Vegas high-rise over another music festival the weekend before the massacre, though not why.

The person said Paddock was given the room for free because he was a good customer who wagered tens of thousands of dollars each time he visited the casino. "We're aware of the media reports, but because it's an ongoing investigation, I'm not going to speak any more to it than that".

She says he wired her money while she was there to buy a house for herself and her family. Representatives said Paddock won about $300.

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MASS murderer Stephen Paddock scouted the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago as a possible attack location before settling on Las Vegas, it is claimed.

Even the No. 2 official in the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday he was surprised investigators have not uncovered more about why a man with no obvious criminal record would cause so much bloodshed. "We don't know yet".

In the days after the attack, it remained unclear why Paddock carried out his attack.

Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock's brother once threatened to kill a friend in California, TMZ reported.

The Boston Red Sox, who have a home playoff game Thursday against the Houston Astros, also released a statement about the new reports, according to CBS Local.

In the days following the horrific shooting, it was reported that Paddock, who was found dead shortly after the massacre, had been planning to attack concert-goers at the Life Is Beautiful Festival, which was headlined by Chance The Rapper.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he was surprised Paddock had provided so few clues, and that has proved challenging.