Gillian Anderson won't be back after X-Files' 11th season


First of all, there's the official "X-Files" season 11 trailer, which shows the world teetering on the verge of the end of civilization.

Intriguing images to be sure.

Barbara Hershey (Damien, Once Upon A Time) will have a recurring role in season 11, according to Deadline. However, a representative from Fox said that Gillian Andernson " has not commented on his return, and that it is premature, because she is now filming the new season ".

He also said his brother Darin Morgan, who wrote last season's "Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-monster", will write one episode. The sneak peak of this upcoming 10-episode season packs so much into one two-minute video.

Although it is exciting to see more of Walter Skinner next year, there is little doubt that the series belongs to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

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The new season will also feature a storyline about William, Scully and Mulder's son that Scully gave up for adoption 14 years ago. Does her departure indicate that The X-Files Season 11 will be the final season of the revival?

Season 11 is set to include 10 episodes, up from season 10, which premiered in 2016.

"You have to find him and you have to stop him before he releases hell on Earth", Scully (Gillian Anderson), who is seemingly referring to William, whispers to Mulder (David Duchovny) from her hospital bed. "You'll see more of William than you've seen in a long time". "I think this will be it for me". All Carter would say was "Langley is in the show this season". There will even be many flashback scenes showing a young Skinner in The X-Files Season 11.

The X-Files returns in early 2018 on Fox.