Bruce Hart's WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Preview


But that's when to everyone's surprise, Sami Zayn - Owens' longtime enemy - pulled Owens away from the table. No padding, no mattresses, just him, a table and, what I assume is an very bad lot of training on how to "safely" fall and land.

Zayn and Owens had been on-screen pals for years before Owens' shocking turn a number of years ago - so it was something of a shock to see Zayn come to the aid of the former Universal Champion.

The main event of the night was finally here, pitting Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens has troubled Shane McMahon ever since AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens US Title Championship match.

It was the climax of a night that featured strong storytelling propping up mostly solid-to-average in-ring work. After a loss of title in the last PPV event, Jimmy and Jey Usos are eager to get back the title but it will be tough for them because The New Day are the longest reigning Tag Team champions.

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Charlotte Flair is challenging Smackdown Women's champion Natalya in a match that could steal the show. Shane and Kevin battered each other from pillar to post and made effective use of the Hell in a Cell match gimmick. This is the first time that the titles have been defended inside the cell, which is only fitting for a feud so personal. It was the exclamation on another superb chapter to this heated rivalry. Charlotte Flair will also have her hands full as she battles it out with SmackDown Women's champion Natalya. But before the challenger could get the champ back into the ring for a pinfall, Natalya grabbed a steel chair and got herself disqualified. In this case, as it is in many cases, we look to Shane McMahon.

With the glut of titles in the WWE these days, including the World, Universal, Intercontinental, the once prestigious United States title doesn't seem to have the same cachet that it used to have. Jinder Mahal remained the undispute king of WWE as he retained his title against Shinsuke Nakamura. Storylines change, characters change, even companies change. It's nearly as if WWE Creative took all of the pent up racism that they couldn't utilize throughout the PG era and are utilizing it through Jinder Mahal.

Despite its incredibly impressive roster, Smackdown has failed to put on a good pay per view this side of WrestleMania. Ziggler, who mocked elaborate entrances for weeks, scrapped his and entered in silence and darkness. Ziggler immediately hit Roode with a Zig Zag once the final bell rang, likely meaning the feud will continue beyond Hell in a Cell.

Programming note for Tuesday: There will not be another Happy Rusev Day celebration.

Randy may have said on the Edge and Christian podcast that he's all about putting over young talent right now, but something tells me Rusev won't be getting that luxury on Sunday.