Seem far smarter and worldlier than you are with Google's new devices


We can all remember how long it took to get Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant after being launched on Pixel and Pixel XL. You'll find that video below.

Competition is so stiff that when you think a smartphone with excellent camera features would be hard to beat for a while, a new device overtakes in just a matter of weeks. It's our immediate thoughts after being on hand for the festivities.

Pixelbook. Google's new ultrabook - a lightweight laptop with some tablet functionality - runs on Chrome OS and gives users voice access to Google Assistant commands.

What a week. Highlights below. The Pixel smartphones are getting an early preview of Google Lens so you can try it before anyone else. The Pixel 2 starts at $649 for the base model while the Pixel 2 XL can be yours for $849, almost twice what the base model of the Nexus 6P was valued at. It is already available for pre-order in the U.S. and will start shipping from October 19.

Getting real-time translation right in your ear would be reason enough to grab the Pixel Buds.

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Take crisp, clear, and detailed photos in any light, thanks to Google's computational photography capabilities.

But Pixel Buds will only work on Google devices. Obviously, numerous different components must be contemplated, however this by and by focuses to the Google Pixel 2 camera is the best smartphone unit accessible available. One can create a short movie using the recordings through the Clips app. That distraction is extremely risky to both you and other drivers. Called the Google Home Mini - which Google said is smaller than a donut - it is a rounded disk covered in the hottest new technology material: fabric.

Google's translation system goes way beyond that of companies like Apple, which added translation capabilities to Siri in iOS 11. Interestingly, the Blue variant is only available for the 64GB model.

Google is also releasing a direct competitor to Apple's forthcoming HomePod. They are available for preorder in the US, priced at $159. For instance, the Pixel Launcher app isn't yet available although its features are public and available for a while now. The laptop also has a designated Assistant keyboard button. Also, this new element is also themable along with the rest of the interface.

As we inexorably move away from screen-based interaction to voice interaction with smartphones or smart devices, people won't care as much how their phone looks - we may get to a stage where it will never leave their pocket.