Prosecutors reveal thwarted plot to bomb Times Square, New York subway


Federal authorities said Friday they stopped a terror plot targeting New York City concert venues, subway stations and Times Square past year.

Salic was the money man and sent funds from the Philippines and Haroon met with explosives experts in Pakistan and planned to join El Bahnasawy in the U.S. to carry out the attacks. He pleaded guilty on October 13 to seven terrorism-related charges, including conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

The US has requested both men's extradition.

The US department of justice said in a statement: "The planned attacks..."

A Canadian man was arrested for an ISIS-inspired plot to target concerts and subways in New York, According to NBC reported Friday.

The undercover also sent Salic a picture of hydrogen peroxide El Bahnasawy had bought to carry out the attacks; Salic allegedly responded by saying he might carry out his own attack if he wasn't able to go to Syria to join ISIS.

"But if ur a cop then arrest me now [.]", he wrote the undercover agent. Haroon and Salic were arrested in foreign countries, according to the press release. Unli [k] e in Aus (Australia) or Uk (the United Kingdom) even liking FB (Facebook) status will put [] u in jail.

The alleged plot was uncovered months ago but details were not released until today, WNBC said, because the search continued for other possible terror connections.

Three men conspired to detonate a auto bomb Times Square and shoot up concert venues and subway cars in NYC last summer, according to an indictment that was unsealed by a federal judge today.

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On May 5, 2016 Mr Haroon said the subway was the "perfect target" and they should try and attack as many people as possible, including women and children.

The trio primarily used internet messaging applications to plot the attacks, and El Bahnasawy and Haroon declared their allegiance to the Islamic State while communicating with an undercover officer posing as an IS supporter, the department said.

The US DoJ said Salic sent $426.30 to Jasanizam Bin Rosni in Johor, Malaysia on June 24, 2016.

On May 11, $423 USA was sent from the Philippines to help fund the plan, the U.S. Justice Department says.

If convicted on the most serious charges, all three men could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Police Department do not believe the threat is credible after the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to trace the IP addresses associated with the Instagram posts to South Africa. Five workers who survived the incident filed the charges against Salic.

The indictment said he also wanted to 'shoot up concerts cuz they kill a lot of people'.

Talha Haroon was held in Pakistan in September 2016, while Salic was arrested in the Philippines in April.

"I'm happy they got it taken care of", said another.