Google to Provide Emergency Cell Service to Puerto Rico Via Balloons


When it comes to power, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to get the lights back on in Puerto Rico using a solar power grid designed by his company - the entrepreneur said on Twitter that projects completed on smaller islands could be scaled up.

It's unclear if X has found a telecomm company to partner with in the USA territory. The agency formed a task force this week and approved an advance of $77 million to support carriers working to restore telecommunications services. The idea is to help areas of the world that have little to no internet service ...

But there are limitations, she said Saturday. But in that case, Google had already partnered with a telecom provider on the ground, which it depended on to beam the signal to the balloons, for disaster relief.

"The goal of the [Special Temporary Authority] is to support licensed mobile carriers' restoration of limited communications capability in areas of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria", the license reads.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said 83 per cent of mobile sites remain out of service, while wireless communications companies had deployed temporary sites.

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The approval is part of the FCC's larger promise to form a hurricane recovery task force that's primarily focused on Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Much of the ground work is being spearheaded by nonprofit organizations and small firms with expertise in rural or emergency communications.

The donations were shipped to Tampa Friday before being flown to Puerto Rico Monday.

After setting up a network on the island of Vieques, off the main island of Puerto Rico, one team watched from a roof as local residents started getting text alerts from family members who had been trying to get in touch. "People know right away".