Arun Shourie calls demonetisation largest money-laundering event


Blaming the demonetization move for the economic slowdown, in an interview to NDTV, Arun Shourie said that it was the largest money-laundering scheme ever, conceived and implemented entirely by the government.

While delivering an inaugural address at a literature festival in Kasauli near Shimla, Arun Shourie reportedly said that "I made too many mistakes - by supporting (former PM) VP Singh and then by supporting Modi".

Shourie's comments came amid the Bharatiya Janata Party's allegation that its veteran leader Yashwant Sinha has become an "unabashed apologist for the corrupt and anti-poor" erstwhile UPA government and found a new ally in the Congress. The Prime Minister has the "ilhaam" one night that demonetisation should be done and he does it.

"Which argument (offered by the government in defence of demonetisation) today survives?"

Everyone who had black converted it into white. Terrorism? Terrorists are still coming into India.

Shourie also questioned the government's rollout of the goods and services tax, saying that it was an important reform but was poorly implemented.

"This is their Standard Operating Procedure", Mr Shourie said of the BJP's response, adding "they should publish a list in advance of frustrated persons" as a pre-emptive strike against disagreement.

BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha had targetted Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on economy
BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha had targetted Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on economy

"This is a government of two-and-a-half persons, that is, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and one in-house lawyer".

Countering the criticism over the issue of demonetisation, he said that after demonetisation the cash to GDP ratio has come down to 9 per cent, before November 8, 2016, it was 12 percent.

Explanation: They don't have the expertise and they have surrounded themselves by persons who don't have the expertise. They are so self-satisfied with it.

Modi, head of the Group of Ministers for tackling IT-related glitches in GST network, referred to the steps taken on Friday by the GST council and said they had taken care of numerous problems faced by traders and other businessmen.

The former minister added that the government's policies must have predictability, stability and credibility to reassure the investors and industry of what they can expect and not be taken by surprise by sudden government policy changes. They are concerned about 300-foot statutes, bullet trains etc, he said.

Furthermore, while expressing great disappointment in the media Arun Shourie reportedly said that "See what has happened to the media, nobody is telling them the truth".

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