Tesla could 'fix Puerto Rico's grid damage'


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a solution for Puerto Rico's post-Hurricane Maria power problem: solar electricity.

A General Motors executive said that Elon Musk is "full of crap" when it comes to his claims about Tesla's self-driving technology, according to a report from The Sydney Herald. Through the Tesla-incorporated SolarCity, Musk has embarked upon such endeavors in American Samoa, where the island of Ta'u can now store three days of energy in a solar grid.

The idea could come to fruition.

Late Thursday, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricky Rossello expressed his interest, tweeting "Let's talk" to Musk, saying "PR could be that flagship project".

Puerto Rico's fragile power grid was knocked offline after Hurricane Maria barreled through the USA territory in late September, leaving millions of people without electricity.

Tesla reportedly sent employees to install "hundreds" of Powerwall units in Puerto Rico in the wake of Maria to aid in the recovery efforts, so the question isn't too far out of left field.

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Musk has said that Tesla's new cars produced since October 2016 have the necessary hardware to eventually enable full autonomy. But it's an expensive one, and it's completely unclear how the nation of 3 million people would come up with the funds.

We have contacted Tesla for a comment and will update this story once we receive a reply.

In addition to selling electric cars, including the recently introduced Model 3, Tesla has an energy storage business, selling battery packs to commercial utilities, as well as home residences.

For now, only about 11 percent of Puerto Rico has electricity. It will now reveal the battery-powered truck on November 16, Musk said.

"Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your #TeslaTechnologies?".

A Tesla-powered system would be a complete reversal for Puerto Rico's energy grid. Last night, their governor, Ricardo Rossello, took to Twitter to take Mr. Musk up on that offer.