Microsoft Edge market share collapsed once again


Microsoft's approach to bringing iOS and Android to the Edge browser integrates the two largest mobile platforms with the largest PC operating system.

MICROSOFT'S chest-burster strategy has accelerated as it brings its lonely browser Edge to Android and iOS users, alongside a relaunched, er, Launcher launch. If you prefer using Edge over other web browsers on your desktop, the news of the Edge web browser for iOS and Android users being announced is likely thrilling for you.

Since Apple doesn't allow applications to alter the UI of the iPhone (also iPads and iPods), Microsoft Launcher will be available only on Android platform that allows users to personalise the interface to match their taste and also offer gesture' support, that will let even hard-core customizers create the environment that makes them most productive.

Microsoft has been giving us pretty good mobile apps the past few years, and it looks like they're not stopping anytime soon. Because extensions interact so closely with the browser, we have been very attuned to the security, performance, and reliability of Microsoft Edge with these extensions enabled.

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The iOS Edge app preview is now available for iPhones. The Hub View feature allows you to easily find and manage content like favourites, reading lists, history and books all in one place.

At the current moment, there is already a launcher from the company on the Play Store which you can download now.

Microsoft Launcher is a Windows Phone-like home screen derived from Microsoft's "Arrow Launcher" Garage project. In addition, the previews aren't available yet for iPads and Android tablets. You can also customize the colors, background, etc and it also has a Continue on PC option for your photos, documents, etc. People using Arrow Launcher Beta will get the launcher today, and once it is out of preview, users will be automatically upgraded to it. However more languages and functions will be added as the preview expands.

Talking about the customization aspects, you get plenty of icons, and a plethora of themes available to customize anything you want, the GUI is also now more matured and feels highly refined than earlier. The launcher comes with a feed like Google Now that shows top news, events of the day, and most used apps.