Street Fighter V will get Arcade Mode in mid-January


Following the early reveal by retailers (whoops!), Capcom has now officially announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which brings the long-awaited Arcade Mode to the game.

The Arcade Edition will also ship with every character from Season 1 and 2, which includes characters like Akuma, Urien, Juri, Kolin and Menat, along with an additional V-Trigger move for every character.

If you already own Street Fighter V, then you'll get the new update absolutely free. The stand-alone version, which will also include all of the DLC characters released in the game's first two seasons, will retail for $39.99.

Street Fighter V - will this be a new beginning for the game?

And here it is, the official announcement of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. In addition, there will be an extra battle mode added, UI updates. and gallery to round out the package.

As previously rumoured, the Arcade Mode will be presented in a number of different formats based on past Street Fighter titles.

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There's also mention of an Extra Battle mode which will allow players to "complete timed challenges to obtain exclusive costumes through 2018".

"DLC characters in Street Fighter V [are] earnable completely free of charge through completing various in-game challenges and receiving earned in-game currency, called fight money".

So should you be angry at Capcom for seemingly going back on its promise and releasing an Arcade Edition version of the game?

16 January 2018 is the specific date.

Capcom released Street Fighter V in February of 2016 to modest reviews. This is a major upgrade, and it'll no doubt change how the game is played when you can pick between different V-triggers.

Gallery - unlock hundreds of illustrations as you play through Arcade Mode.