Google Clips is a new $249 smart camera that you can wear


So, if your grandma doesn't like her photo to be taken, you can creepily place the Google Clips camera in your house so that it automatically take photos for you when she visits. All the clips taken will wirelessly sync to the Google Clips app on your phone and you'll be able to save unlimited clips to your Google Photos account.

Clips is "coming soon" and will cost $249, which is quite high for a device that a lot of people will probably see as little more than a fun toy.

For Google, Clips falls in line with the intended theme of today's event: harmoniously combining AI, software, and hardware. There is no audio recording here, though, so you shouldn't expect it to replace the need for a smartphone camera completely. And it gets smarter over time. The best aspect about the camera is that it does all of this itself and the technology behind it is housed in a tiny body. The possibilities with this camera are endless as you would not have to do a single thing. The camera features facial recognition and it detects the faces of people in front of it. It's a small, square device that uses artificial intelligence to capture those ideal moments in life.

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The images captured are short snippets in time that last several seconds, and they're immediately sent to the Google Clips app for either Android or iOS.

'We know privacy and control really matter, so we've been thoughtful about this for Clips users, their families, and friends, ' the firm said. Plus, it'll alert you when its lens is blocked via intelligent notifications to your phone.