Samsung officially unveils Odyssey mixed reality headset


It's called the HMD Odyssey, and it's the first Samsung VR headset to run on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Instead, Microsoft hopes to use the Altspace VR team to build up its own mixed reality community. Plus, Samsung's panels appear to be higher resolution too - while every other Windows Mixed Reality headset has a resolution of 1,440x1,440 pixels per eye, Samsung's displays will apparently offer more vertical real estate at 1,440x1,600 pixels. You'll be able to download apps in the Microsoft Store to use with these MR headsets, and Microsoft is promising a number of VR games - including Minecraft - will be available.

'When we began designing and engineering the Samsung HMD Odyssey with Microsoft, there was only one goal in mind, create a high performing headset that's easy to set up and can transport people to the incredible world of virtual reality. You can pre-order Samsung's and all the other manufacturer's headsets starting today. In August, Microsoft announced plans to have SteamVR content work with its mixed reality headsets. The headset also features integrated AKG headphones with support for 360-degree spatial audio, giving it another leg up on the competition. If the listing is anything to go by, Samsung's Odyssey Mixed Reality headset will cost $500 and will be released on November 6th.

We have been hearing rumours surrounding Samsung's high-end Odyssey VR headset for some time now but it looks like all of the details are now out in the open.

With its Oculus-supported Gear VR headset, Samsung has been pushing the boundaries of affordable VR for years.

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That field of view Choi references is up to 110 degrees.

The firm uses the term "mixed reality" to refer to both VR experiences, which are based exclusively in computer-generated worlds, as well as AR, which mixes graphics and real-world views together. Microsoft lists which computers are supported on a support page, which is now offline. The Odyssey is Samsung's play at the premium category, and it has a price tag to match-$499, same as the Rift.

The Acer headset comes with motion controllers and is priced at $399 Dollars.