Gorsuch could disappoint conservatives on immigration


But plenty of high-profile cases remain.

One of the most controversial cases of the term pits claims of religious liberty against LGBT rights.

Another case in which the Trump administration takes the opposite stance from that of Obama concerns a voting case in OH, a Midwestern state where the governing Republican Party wants to purge the voter rolls of people who do not regularly vote. "This year, that problem doesn't present itself".

Only eight justices heard the case last term after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, and in late June the court announced it would re-hear arguments this term, presumably so that Gorsuch could break some kind of a tie. It is highly likely that with Justice Gorsuch now on the court, that day is near in Janus v.

It came as some surprise, then, that in the first hearing of the Supreme Court's 2017-18 term, Justice Gorsuch stayed mum while his colleagues (except the characteristically tight-lipped Clarence Thomas) sparred with lawyers in Epic Systems Corp v Lewis, a major labour-law case involving the nature of employees' right to sue their employers.

It's one of a handful of labor-related cases on the Supreme Court's docket. But some justices may look dimly upon the government abruptly changing its position in cases.

"This is really about a collective action ban that's just been embedded in an arbitration clause", Claire Prestel, an attorney for the Service Employees International Union, said at a Supreme Court preview hosted by the American Constitution Society.

In a case that could affect the rights of as many as 25 million employees, Justice Anthony Kennedy, often the court's swing vote, suggested Monday through his questions that he would side with employers.

In an era of sharp political division, it may be now or never for the court to rein in excessively partisan redistricting.

Now, the justices are slated to hear full arguments.

The first female president of the UK's highest court has been sworn in.

On many of these issues the Republican administration of President Donald Trump has taken the exact opposite position from that of the previous Democratic administration under Barack Obama.

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If the two laws conflict, the arbitration rules should be upheld, they said. Nevertheless, the immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals ordered Dimaya removed from the United States.

The Department of Justice staged something of an about-face in the case after the Trump administration took power.

At a separate, earlier ceremony, at London's Royal Courts of Justice, Lord Justice Burnett was sworn in as the new Lord Chief Justice.

About one in four private-sector non-union employees - almost 25 million workers- have signed arbitration agreements with class-action waivers, according to a study by the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute think tank.

The ACLU is representing the bride and groom, while the Trump administration supports the baker, who argues that his refusal is based in part on his right to creative freedom.

The justices have so far largely avoided being drawn into controversy surrounding the president.

The justices will get another chance to referee Mr. Trump's policies in the travel ban case. In numerous most hotly contested cases that reach the court these days, Kennedy's vote determines the outcome because the court is so closely and ideologically divided. Justice Willett, who was elected with the help of millions of dollars in campaign cash from corporate lawyers and corporations, has some very antiquated views about workers and the government's legal authority to protect them.

Until now, however, the cases before the court have involved consumer class actions, and there was little uproar over the court's upholding binding arbitration for consumer disputes, or even its rejection of class actions in arbitration for consumers. In Carpenter v. United States, the court will answer whether or not prosecutors need a warrant to track a persons location through wireless data.

Amid a clutter of ideologically divisive disputes, this case could unite conservative and liberal justices who have anxious about how much unfettered access authorities should have to the digital records of peoples' lives.

Justice Stephen Breyer said he could not see how the employers could win their case without "changing radically" what the law has been, going "back to the New Deal".

"Mr. Rodriguez's case is not unique", his lawyers argued. Other court watchers wonder about the plans of the liberal Ginsburg, at 84 the oldest member of the court.