Stardew Valley Launches On Nintendo Switch October 5th For $14.99


The Nintendo Switch is the third console to receive a Stardew Valley port, as the country living sim released on PS4 and Xbox One a year ago.

The Nintendo Switch port for Stardew Valley was developed by Sickhead Games. It'll set you back $17 AUD which seems fairly decent for the amount of hours you're likely to put into the game. Even better is that Stardew Valley will cost the same $15 is costs on PC, bucking a rather upsetting trend where Switch versions of games cost more than they do on other platforms.

Do you plan on picking up Stardew Valley this week?

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However, the Switch version of the game will not launch with Stardew Valley's hotly anticipated multiplayer features. Barone also noted the Switch version will sell for $14.99, matching the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam prices.

I'm very happy to see Stardew come to a Nintendo console... "I grew up on Nintendo, after all", Barone wrote about the popular farming simulator coming to the Switch.

Stardew Valley originally released in February past year and its gloriously exuberant take on Harvest Moon style farm life sims was a barnstorming success, managing to rack up more than a million sales in little over a month. Multiplayer will be limited to online only, since there are no plans for local co-op.