Sony announces new PlayStation VR model with small enhancements


The cables to the processor unit are different as well, meaning users of the older PS VR headsets can't simply swap out the unit for the HDR compatible one.

The first headset has been a success, with a flood of games also available since launch previous year, but there are a couple of niggles with the original that the new version will iron out. The new headset commonly referred to as the PS VR packs numerous improvements over its predecessor.

Here's everything you need to know about Sony's virtual reality headset, from price and features to its growing lineup of immersive games.

The new model features a slight redesign that puts the headphone jack at the back, while the cable that connects it to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been slimmed down. However, users won't be able to just get a new processor unit for their existing headsets top achieve the same. Sony will print the model number on the box, making some small aesthetic changes to packaging as well.

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How many games are on PlayStation VR? But as this change necessitates a new Processor Unit and cables, owners of the previous PSVR model can not simply swap out units for the older existing model.

If you really liked the new VR which comes with HDR passthrough support, enabling this feature on your PlayStation VR is pretty simple.

It's not yet clear whether the new model will come to Europe and Australia; Sony's announcement blog only mentions North America and no such announcement has been made on Sony's European or Australian channels. Although it is behind Samsung in global headset sales, it had sold a total of 519,400 units before the second quarter of 2017, capturing 24.4% of the total market share, according to IDC. Regardless of when they arrive, however, all bundle pricing will remain the same, Sony's confirmed.