Nintendo Creators Program Will Block YouTube Live Streaming


The new policy, which disallows live streaming has already caused ripples across #YouTube, and the internet.

Nintendo has a longstanding poor reputation with the YouTube community, and the latest change to their Nintendo Creators Program may harm that relationship even more.

Sounds awful, right? Well it's worse if you don't register your videos to the Nintendo Creators Program.

The main issue here for content creators is that live streaming is now one of the most viable ways to earn revenue through gaming content. After the changes in the qualification of them, and therefore, in the way in which the creators of content can generate income of its videos, many YouTubers of contents somewhat controversial, for example of violent videojuegos, watched as their monetization fell in chopped And what did many do?

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Now if you're registered in the program and want to keep broadcasting live, you need to use a different account or leave the program...both of which mean no revenue, which is a problem for users.

Live streaming on YouTube falls outside the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. The company's second solution is that creators interested in streaming from their main channel withdraw their account from the program and instead submit videos to it on an individual basis.

On April 18, 2017, we implemented a new review process for all channels applying to join the YouTube Partner Program. It's being speculated that this might have been Nintendo's response to the recent controversy involving Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), as pointed out by Game Rant. In either scenario, YouTube users who have grown accustomed to covering Nintendo content now have a number of hoops to jump through if that coverage includes any live video content.

It's possible that Nintendo is trying to avoid a similar situation that could involve one of its games. Or rather, how they won't handle live streams going forward.