Intel unveils 'best ever' gaming processor, sired in Haifa


Intel's Coffee Lake desktop CPUs will launch in a little over a week, offering substantially higher performance than the iterative improvements we've seen since Sandy Bridge.

Branded as the best gaming processor to date by the company, its new release delivers frame rate improvements by 25% and gives users the smoothest gaming experience, with up to 65% faster editing in content creation maximising their user experience.

We are already familiar with the confusion the company has created regarding the naming and generation.

Intel on Monday lifted the curtain on its new eighth-generation Core processors, targeted for desktop gamers, content creators and "overclockers who require premium performance". Also, the upcoming Cannonlake 10nm chips would come under the 8th Gen family.

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The top-of-the-line 17-8700K features six cores and 12 threads, 12MB of L3 cache, and a boost clock up to 4.7GHz. All this is possible due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology which makes the Core i7-8700K a powerhouse of speed and performance for both single and multithread applications.

The new chipset family would also enable edit 4K 360-degree videos at up to 32 per cent faster when compared with the previous generation. Intel's new coffee lake processors will use Intel's z370 chipset which offers the best in class single threaded performance and a much better multi-threaded performance. According to Intel, this was needed due to an improved power delivery, support for DDR4-2666 memory and more. The i5 variants: i5-8400 and i5-8600k also have six cores but lack hyper-threading.

The chip maker has announced that its lineup of eight-generation Core desktop processors will be available from October 5. And, as is usually the case with these generational changes, you'll need to invest in a motherboard built off Intel's new Z370 chipset to actually use the eighth-gen chips, which is another cost to consider if you're looking to upgrade. Pricing ranges from $117 for the Core i3 up to $359 for the high-end Core i7-8700K. Intel is keen to stress how good its processors are at gaming, attacking one of the criticisms levelled at AMD's Ryzen processors.

Intel has made two significant announcements, revealing its latest Intel Core Processor and Intel Core X-series Extreme Edition. The new chips open "the door for a new level of faster, easier and more immersive experiences", the U.S. firm said in a statement released on Sunday.