'Menace' woman with machete terrorize to 'execute' Kardashians


In their police report, the LAPD wrote, "Maricia Medrano walked into the DASH store" in West Hollywood on Thursday and pointed an air-soft gun at the employee working behind the counter and yelled, "Stay away from Cuba!"

She left the machete lodged in the store's door frame and walked away, again headed toward La Cienega Boulevard, Moore said.

She pointed the revolver at a store employee but didn't shoot.

Fortunately, everyone is OK, but it's pretty terrifying that this woman was in possession of both a gun and a machete.

Medrano also ranted about President Donald Trump and the United Nations, after allegedly threatening a Dash store cashier, according to the reporter on the scene.

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Investigators are examining security video of the incidents in an effort to identify the woman. "The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory!" she exclaimed while wielding the knife in a video. "They'll be f***ing killed!" she shouted to the crowd of cameramen.

Medrano initially evaded police before she was eventually arrested at her home.

This isn't the first time the store has been hit by vandalism. Earlier on this year, the girls' West Hollywood location was vandalized and about $1,600 worth of items were stolen.

Kim Kardashian was previously held at gunpoint and robbed while in Paris last summer.