Go Behind The Scenes of ''Kingsman: The Golden Circle'


As it turns out, J.B. accompanied the rest of Kingsman cast to the London premiere of the forthcoming sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and what's more decked himself to the nines for the occasion. They set out to Kentucky to get help from their American brethren, a private intelligence agency called Statesman, hidden within a bourbon distillery.

Continuing to work from a comic book series by Matt Millar and Dave Gibbons, Vaughn edges Eggsy toward a more committed relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Tilde (Hanna Alstrom), a Swedish princess he rescued from peril in the first outing.

"I think there are certain films that have to be seen on the big screen, and there's something magical about going to the cinema", Vaughn told us. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, not sure what will. While it's understandable that Warner Bros. would want to hype the fact that Firth, an Oscar victor, is back for the sequel, you could make the case that it's not like it attracted a whole new audience. A definite theme of the movie is how Eggsy balances his two worlds and the film makes sure the audience knows it.

The Golden Circle is revealed once its worldwide drug lord leader Poppy (Julianne Moore) launches a diabolical plan to kill millions of recreational drug users with a lethal product strain, unless world leaders like the USA president (Bruce Greenwood) are willing to legalize all hard drugs.

The Golden Circle is still an hellaciously violent outing, but Vaughn keeps the tone appropriately cartoonish and light throughout.

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The political commentary in the movie is top notch and a source of excellent entertainment regardless of beliefs.

Not only does Egerton reprise his role but Mark Strong returns as Merlin along with Firth who stars as Harry Hart - despite being killed in the first movie.

The film finds inspiration in all the classic spy movie tropes, from gadgets to suave agents to exotic locales and missions. The characters feel somewhat emptier in this sequel and this is a fact that is truly a disappointment. To put it simply: he is the action hero we never knew we needed. Most importantly, watch it simply because as far as entertainers go, the film seldom disappoints. Remember how cool that church scene was?

But that also means lots of downtime spent integrating the new characters, plus getting Harry to the point where he can participate in the mission. "We couldn't have been more grateful for what an incredible trouper and what a amusing guy Elton John is, and he completely got what was amusing about it and went with it and was improvising a lot of stuff that was even better than we could have dreamed".