Belkin unveils Boost↑Up iPhone wireless charging pad


Most likely, it will be the Xiaomi Mi 7, which is due for release in the first quarter of 2018, notes PhoneArena.

During the recent iPhone 8/8 Plus/X announcement, you may have noticed a Belkin iPhone wireless charging pad on stage. That said, the latest addition to the rumours is Wireless Charging as Xiaomi is now a member of the WPC, enabling it to use the Qi standard of wireless charging. The Chinese company recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which means it is one of the tech firms that is going to promote Qi wireless charging platform.

After Apple unveiled its iPhone X with Qi wireless charging, other manufacturers, especially the Chinese, chose to do exactly the same thing.

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Still, Xiaomi company has not officially confirmed its intention to joining the consortium. The Mi 5 and Mi 6 both sport a glass back, so including wireless charging in there should not be a problem for Xiaomi, as long as the company intends to stick to the glass back, instead of switching to metal.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been added as a member of the Wireless Power Consortium. A Samsung manufactures it and comes with the yet announces the Snapdragon 845. The phone has a dual feature camera and a ceramic design finish seen on the Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone. Apple had to outfit the iPhone 8 and iPhone X with glass chassis in order for the induction charging feature to work on the Qi standard. Apparently, it looks like Xiaomi is in plans to introduce the wireless charging feature in its upcoming devices. Are you looking forward to being able to charge it wirelessly?