Microsoft finally brings the Xbox One S to India after one year


Apparently, at this point, there are over 130 Xbox One X enhanced games- and we are still a month and a half out from the system's release.

What good is Xbox One X if you don't have a 4K display?

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One in India.

Hopefully, these are just a handful of the games players can expect to see being made available once again on the Xbox One, however, even if this does turn out to be a false lead, it does offer up an interesting proposition.

Scheduled for Nov 7, Microsoft and Xbox will be unveiling their newest and most powerful console - the "Xbox One X", and a good portion of Bucks game-dedicated students have their own opinions on the matter.

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Unfortunately, there's been no further word on those "leaked" original Xbox backwards compatible games that were spotted on the Gamespot website. Xbox One S comes with a reduced footprint and a revamped design.

The PC Gaming channel is presented by Intel's Game Dev program. "So games are gonna go different things, but all of them fall under the banner of Xbox One X Enhanced".

The unintentional cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers on Fortnite reveals that enabling the feature is actually easy for developers to do, with one example being Psyonix stating that all it needed to enable Rocket League cross-platform play was approval from Sony. But we know that, with the power of Xbox One X, a lot of people are gonna be looking for 4K games, and looking for HDR to really show off these awesome new screens.

Xbox has gained a seat at Microsoft's most important table. The gamer posted an image to the website showing an Xbox gamertag appearing in his game, despite playing on a PlayStation 4.

Obviously, if a better version of a game is available, why not play it at that higher quality?