KJ Apa Survived A Devastating Car Crash Leaving The 'Riverdale' Set


"Riverdale" star K.J. Apa was involved in a late-night vehicle crash last week while leaving the CW show's Vancouver set, an insider told TheWrap.

The actor was taken to a local hospital and he was let go shortly after with minor injuries. The show routinely requires actors to work very long hours, with shoots lasting until the early morning hours, and cast and crew are not provided with transportation.

Apa, who plays Archie Andrews on the hit television show, was headed out of the Fraser Valley on his way back to his Vancouver hotel when he began to fall asleep. His auto struck a light pole on the passenger side, which left the vehicle totaled. Cole Sprouse (who plays Jughead on the show) was allegedly planning to go home in the same auto that night, but made other plans last minute - thankfully, given the damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. His crash has sparked protest on set for the CW to provide the cast and crew with transportation to and from set.

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KJ Apa is lucky to be walking around uninjured right now. "Someone's going to die". Per Warner Bros TV policy, actors are responsible for getting themselves to and from the set, particularly on productions that are based outside of the US.

BAZAAR.com has reached out to WBTV and representatives for Apa for comment.

THR reports there is a meeting set between Warner Bros. The live-action adaptation of the Archie Comics (which airs on The CW in the USA and as a Netflix Original series elsewhere) had an incredible first season, winning multiple awards and gaining a significant fandom for its murder-mystery take on the classic comic book property.