Mobile confirms deprioritization threshold will increase to 50GB on September 20


T-Mobile confirmed via Twitter that it will implement the new change on September 20, so starting later this week, customers shouldn't be throttled down if they exceed the old 32GB threshold.

Prioritization is not quite like data caps. For the most part these plans are unlimited, and these caps are put into place to prevent users from abusing it, such as tethering to their computers and downloading movies, games, and music illegally.

Carriers are often quick to point out that these aren't hard limits, and customers aren't immediately throttled the second they move past the threshold.

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Just a few months after T-Mobile made a decision to increase the "Fair Usage" threshold for their customers to 32GB, a source has said they will once again increase this to 50GB. However, T-Mobile is making one of its unlimited limits a bit less irksome. In comparison, Verizon and AT&T have 22GB caps, while Sprint's is 23GB.

T-Mobile has made a name for itself by bucking industry norms and charting its own path. Go past that usage threshold and the carrier reserves the right to slow down your speeds - throttle you, in other words - during times of "network congestion". Still, that is way more than what its competitors are offering, so once again, the carrier can boast about having "America's best unlimited network".

As T-Mobile points out, the vast majority of users won't actually manage to burn through all 50GB of data in a month.