Gmail now converts addresses and phone numbers to interactive hyperlinks


As the conversion is carried out automatically, there's nothing Gmail and Inbox users actually need to do.

Gmail finally auto-converts addresses and phone numbers to links. This service was announced to be coming to both Gmail and Inbox by Gmail for the web, iOS, and Android starting today. Selecting a phone number, meanwhile, will dial a call in Hangouts or your default phone app if you're on mobile. Just as URLs are automatically converted into clickable links, so the same luxury is to be lavished on addresses, phone numbers and contacts.

Too much time is consumed in copy and pasting the information from an email into other apps and websites, and therefore, the clickable hyperlinks are a step toward saving time and increasing efficiency, the post added. So now if someone sends you an address, you can click/tap on it and it will take you to the Google Map.

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Google has introduced a minor but important update to its Gmail and Inbox apps that transform such pieces of info like addresses, phone numbers or contacts as hyperlinks.

Gmail is packed with a lot of time-saving features, like Smart Replies for mobile users.

Once the receiver gets the mail, he/she will see the address, phone number and the e-mail in blue colour meaning, it is a hyperlink. Google this year has rolled out couple of other features for Gmail in order to curb phishing attacks. Clicking on an email address link will open the user's default mail client. This feature is coming to all G Suite editions, so everyone will have it. Google expects the full rollout to be complete in a few days.