You Can Finally Turn Off That Bixby Button: Here's How


While you no longer have to deal with Bixby piping up randomly, you're still left with a useless button on the side of your phone.

Unfortunately for consumers, Bixby wasn't ready. Once you disable the option for this dedicated Bixby Key, the device will not launch the Assistant for any accidental presses. Unfortunately, Samsung really wanted that button to remain tied to Bixby, so it began blocking those applications. However, it seems like the South Korean company is loosening up its stance a bit, as it has added the option to disable Bixby button with its latest update. However, to give all the limelight to Bixby, the Korean firm later made a decision to remove the option to change the button's function to something else. However, this doesn't disable Bixby altogether, but merely prevents users from accidentally enabling it by pressing the key. "I mean, people don't see it right now but once they start seeing the behaviour behind Bixby I don't think they'll want to map it to anything else". Once you update your Bixby to latest version, the toggle will appear at top of the Bixby Home.

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Is Bixby ever going to be a viable assistant for everyday use? Either, we can enable the Bixby key to summon the Bixby Home/Bixby Voice or disable it completely to make the Bixby key idle to open nothing when pressed. If you don't have it yet and Bixby is the bane of your life, hold tight; the update is on its way to you. Hit About Bixby, and the update will be detected and downloaded if you don't already have it.

Samsung had introduced its own Voice Assistant named with Bixby.