Did Kevin Durant expose his Thunder-bashing Twitter account?


So is Durant using anonymous social media accounts to defend himself against critics?

Another user asked him about the deleted tweets, which said he "just deleted it".

The tweets were dissing his former Oklahoma City Thunder coach and teammates. Like many athletes, Durant might not be doing all his own tweeting.

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He seemed to be speaking in the third person as if he was supposed to be speaking on another #Twitter Account. KD does have a point about the roster - when #Russell Westbrook was off the court last season, the Thunder were awful.

A reddit thread between OP Chancellor_West and commenter willin_dylan brought up Durant's brother had tagged him under the username "quiresultan" - coincidentally the two cross avenues of Durant's home back Capitol Heights, Maryland, per James Dator of SB Nation. It got to a point where fans assumed Durant had issues with the way he was perceived by basketball fans around the world and would go to extreme lengths to protect his image. See, either Kevin Durant refers to himself in third person (like I did in high school), or he forgot to log out of his actual Twitter account and into his ghost account before he started tweeting. Durant has only posted one tweet since Sunday night.