Bullet Train Project aimed at reaping benefit in Gujarat poll


Kharge even questioned Prime Minister Modi's claim and asked how the poor will get benefit from this, if the fare ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

It also criticized that the bullet train project was being fast tracked even as there were a number of railway projects in Vidharbha, Konkan and Marathwada that were yet to commence.

The first such high speed rail system began operations in Japan way back in 1964 and was widely known as the Bullet train.

What is the feasibility of this project when trains are getting derailed, quipped BJP's ally, the Shiv Sena. This was a $7 billion contract envisaged under the Delhi-Mumbai Economic Corridor that would have also led to the introduction of bullet trains.

"It is not entirely certain, as to which problem the bullet train is a solution for", continued the sarcastic attack on the Centre's latest project.

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The government of India has launched a joint project with Japan to introduce bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

"The Gujarat elections are round the corner, so the business class must be fed something, right?" concluded the Shiv Sena's mouthpiece. It added that the project would require land from Maharashtra.

Shalini Thackeray, MNS leader said, "How many people will travel regularly from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in bullet trains?" The project itself, according to the government's estimate, is likely to generate about 16,000 indirect employment opportunities and 20,000 direct employment opportunities.

The Congress described the proposed Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed express on Thursday as an "election bullet train", stressing that the date of its launch had been decided keeping in mind the forthcoming Gujarat Assembly polls. "As we see it, farm loans, education, health care and ensuring basic necessities of life for people from the lowest circles of the society must be the government's priority but it is clearly misplaced", Manisha Khandye added. "When we raised the issue of complete waiver of farmers" loans, the CM had warned of "anarchy' in the fund-starved state. Modi's dream is not of the common man but of the rich and the industrialists", it said.

Kharge further said that when the project was started, it was worth Rs. 1,10,000 crore and in the next four-five years, it will be worth Rs. 1,30,000 crore.