Jerry Jones Is "Impeding" Roger Goodell Contract Talks


The NFL's compensation committee is now working out a proposal to extend Goodell's existing contract beyond its current 2019 expiration date, and at least one owner wants to get serious about scaling back the commissioner's pay going forward.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is on a rampage in the wake of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension.

Roger Goodell's long-term future as National Football League commissioner could be in doubt thanks to Jerry Jones. "There are people who are still pushing for that deal, but right now there's some opposition as well".

The increasingly edgy relationship between Jones and Goodell has sharpened to the point where Goodell's long-term future as NFL commissioner could come under fire, according to league sources.

Goodell's decision is now on hold after Elliott was granted an injunction while the case about whether the NFL's investigative team used unfair measures to come to their conclusion about suspending Elliott for six games.

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A conference call with the league's compensation committee is expected to take place on Wednesday.

Jones is not a part of the NFL's six-man compensation committee, the group that decides Goodell's fate and contractual status.

"Jerry's not saying, 'Don't hire Roger.' He's saying, 'I hate this [proposed] deal; redo it, '" said one source.

Goodell has made more than $200 million since he became commissioner in 2006 and has overseen countless controversies since, ranging from Ray Rice's infamous two-game ban to the Deflategate war to the concussion crisis. He was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer by Tagliabue in 2001.

The Sports Business Journal reported last month that the league was close to extending Goodell's contract through 2024.