Apple Inc. (AAPL) Watch Gets Weaker Speeds On T-Mobile Network


Moving forward to iPhone 8 Plus, the 64GB variant of the smartphone is priced $799.

Apple fans can get their hands on the premium iPhone X in Vodafone and Spark stores early November. Because the watch needs to be on the same network as a customer's iPhone and is likely to use scant amounts of data, this may be a charge that will get discarded quickly as these carriers compete for subscribers.

On the inside, the iPhone X is powered by the same A11 Bionic chip as the iPhone 8 duo.

The 64GB iPhone 8 is priced at Rs 64,000. As of this post, all models appear to have an estimated ship date of September 21st-September 22nd. Apple Watch's third series will launch a week later, on September 22.

Sprint is offering 50% off the monthly payment for an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus with the trade in of an iPhone 6 or a newer model; a range of Samsung Galaxy phones; or a Google Pixel or Pixel XL among other phones.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is also available for pre-orders now - however this one is a bit complex for buyers.

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T-Mobile will limit data speeds on the Apple Watch Series 3 to a maximum of 512kbps despite the smartwatch's support for LTE connectivity, a spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge. The LTE-capable Apple Watch models are showing a 2-3 week delivery window, and that could extend even more as the day goes on. Either phone you choose, you'll be able to capture 4K video at 60fps. Don't worry, let us simplify this for you. The new model will also not support roaming in LTE mode, which actually defeats the objective of the smartwatch.

In addition to silver or space gray aluminum, the Apple Watch Series 3 now comes in a new gold aluminum, along with silver or space black stainless steel cases.

Technically, both the Apple Watch Series 3 and the iPhone connected to it will use the same cellular number.

Here's the thing to remember before you rush out to buy it, though: The Apple Watch Series 3 will require its own data plan.

It's possible this year is different because Apple announced not two but three new iPhones this year. There is no other logic behind Apple launching such an expensive phone in India and hoping to attract a lot of buyers.