What is Sardar Sarovar Dam


The release said, "Sardar Sarovar Dam project has helped transport the waters of the River Narmada, to the water-deficient areas of Gujarat through an elaborate canal and pipeline network".

Also called the Narmada dam, it will be the second biggest dam in the world after the Grand Coulee Dam in the United States of America. "When the UPA was in power at the Centre government did not give permission for seven years to install gates on the dam".

The Narmada Control Authority had ordered the gates of the Sardar Sarovar Project be shut on June 16 after which the height of the dam was increased from 121.92 metres to 138 metres; storage capacity was raised to 4.73 million cubic metres (MCM) from the existing 1.27 million cubic metres.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a folk artist during his visit to Mawphlang village in Mehgalaya in May 2016.

57 per cent of the electricity produced from the dam goes to Maharashtra, while Madhya Pradesh gets 27 per cent and 16 per cent goes to Gujarat.

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According to the SSP official, the power generated from the dam would be shared among three states - Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Meanwhile, there have been protests by the displaced people, demanding rehabilitation from the government.

"The Congress had prepared a work schedule in such a way that the entire dam construction and canal network would have been completed by 2000". A Rs.176-cr Bharat Bhavan complex is also taking shape as part of the Statue of Unity, the foundation stone of which was laid on October 31, 2014.

Talking about her protest, Medha Patkar said, "The two dams have not yet reached the optimum levels, in fact, there is no rain upstream, the Bargi and Tawa dams too are much below their optimum levels, but water is being released so that there is water for the inauguration ceremony". In 1996, the construction work was suspended following a stay by the Supreme Court. "People will drown in the Narmada river but they will not move". PM Modi's visit coincides with his 67th birthday and the project of Narmada Dam is also described as Gujarat's lifeline by BJP leaders. "After Modiji became Prime Minister, the go-ahead was given within a few days", Gujarat chief minister Rupani said.