Gurgaon woman arrested for slapping Army man on camera


In the complaint, the army subedar alleged that auto was driven by the accused Smriti Kalra in a zigzag manner ahead of them and despite giving horn, the vehicle refused to give them way. "She is a graduate in Home Science", Delhi Police said.

The army subedar also claimed that Kalra blocked their way when they tried to move towards the left or the right side.

Kalra got off from her auto and continued to hurl abuses. The Army group claimed that she similarly held him by his collar and slapped him too. The driver came back to the truck and sat in the seat. She then started abusing the army subedar, who was sitting inside, the police said.

In the complaint, it is also stated that the lady abused the Army men for no fault of theirs and even refused to give an explanation for her behaviour. "She kept blocking the way as we tried to overtake her vehicle, ' alleged one of the men in the FIR".

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While this was happening, a traffic jam had built up and many people were standing there. As the army jawans got down from the truck, the woman sped away in her auto. The army subedar's colleagues also got down.

The army subedar has now submitted a video recording of the incident to the police. Police officers said that Kalra was stuck in a traffic snarl just before the incident and had tried to reverse her vehicle and overtake another auto, but was stalled by the Army truck stopping behind her.

A background check of the woman has revealed that the 44-year-old had recently separated from her husband as was living with her parents in Gurugram of neighboring state Haryana. She got a divorce in 2008 over marital issues.