Death Toll Hits 8 in Florida Nursing Home Tragedy


The deceased ranged in age from 71 to 99 and their causes of death are not yet clear. He did not elaborate.

The governor said he has ordered a probe by state authorities. Owner Ralph Marrinson said all five of his Florida facilities lost electricity after Irma.

After three "days of residents being forced to live in these deplorable and risky conditions", [Vega] "suffered intractable distress and died as a result of these appalling conditions".

"I am demanding answers", he tweeted.

"Did the system break down somewhere between the nursing home itself and the power company and emergency operations folks?" Police have since sealed off the building and with the assistance of state and federal regulators opened a criminal investigation into the loss of life.

In Scott's defense, the health department claims nursing home officials could have easily walked across the street to Memorial Regional Hospital and sought help.

But as thousands of people remain in shelters and millions more are without power, the danger of Hurricane Irma, is not over. Four others from the house were hospitalized.

The death toll across the Caribbean stood at 38, AP reported. A Tampa man died after the chain saw he was using to remove trees recoiled and cut his carotid artery.

Altogether, more than 100 patients there were found to be suffering in the heat and were evacuated, many on stretchers or in wheelchairs.

Facing a situation that was out of control, doctors and fire officials ultimately made a decision to transfer all the patients to the hospital, where dozens were treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat exhaustion, officials said.

Legislation requiring generators at adult living facilities and nursing homes has submitted to bill drafting.

All patients who survived have been removed from the nursing home and taken to hospitals.

The center had some electricity, but not enough to power the air conditioning.

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Detectives are looking into whether the nursing home broke any laws.

Though the number of outages has dropped, some 2.3 million homes and businesses were without power Thursday afternoon across the state.

The nursing home has had a list of safety violations and citations, including two for not following generator regulations in 2014 and 2016.

In Coral Gables, an apartment building was evacuated after authorities said its lack of power made it unsafe for elderly tenants. Too many people still think their vehicle is capable of traveling across flooded roads.

"At this point we're better off taking care of them where they are. And we're not leaving". The fact is that this facility never called 911.

In the battered Florida Keys, meanwhile, county officials pushed back against a preliminary estimate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that 25 per cent of all homes in the Keys were destroyed and almost all the rest were heavily damaged. They don't sweat as much, they are more likely to have medical conditions that change how the body responds to heat, and they are more likely to take medication that affects body temperature. But the extent of the damage has been an unanswered question for days because some places have been unreachable. Some 10,000 Keys residents stayed put when the storm hit and may ultimately need to be evacuated, according to officials. He added that calls to Florida Power & Light had not been returned.

"I'm shocked and in horror like everybody else and wondering how this could have happened", he said from his Tampa law office.

As the state continued to piece itself back together, President Donald Trump was due to visit Naples in southwestern Florida on Thursday.

At the Hollywood nursing home, Jean Lindor, a kitchen worker, said through a Haitian Creole translator that the air conditioner had not been working since the storm and it had been hot inside.

"It's very, very hot here", she said. The Broward County medical examiner has yet to determine whether all eight deaths are heat-related.

"They were sick already". They're not going to leave now. Vendetta Craig searched frantically for her 87-year-old mother for 25 minutes.

The spokesman for the facility, Ron Bartlett, said that after the air conditioning stopped, workers continually gave residents water and ice.

Johnson, who has been friends with Hibbard for 63 years, said Hibbard was in distress when she visited her Tuesday night.