Six New 360 Titles Join Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Today


Microsoft has been working on making storage easier and more effective and that is where the Xbox One X intelligent delivery comes into play. If a gamer switches from Xbox One to a new Xbox One X, for instance, their existing game installs on external drives will be able to pull down only the missing data, rather than re-downloading the entire title.

Later on, if you have finished the story and just play multiplayer then you could delete the campaign part of the game in order to make space for other games and apps that you use or want to try out.

Intelligent Delivery strips a game's assets down to data chunks that are individually tagged.

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Tagging parts of the game into chunks will apply to gameplay content as well. So, if you live in the United States and play a game that is enjoyed by a world audience, like Federation Internationale de Football Association 2018, you would only need to download the English audio tracks instead of countless other languages that wouldn't add to the gameplay (like Spanish, Portuguese or French). One of my biggest worries about the Xbox One X was games becoming too big; these titles are already huge, but with 4K HDR assets added in, your included 1TB hard drive would be filled in no time.

The Xbox One X will be able to handle 4K capture at 60fps, but if you don't want to upgrade or can't at the momemt, this is great news if you've got a lot of capture needs on Xbox One at the moment. Based on the documentation we've seen, while the underlying software for supporting multiple Blu-rays allow for up to 15 discs, Microsoft is supporting a maximum of two right now for mastering. For users upgrading from Xbox One to X, Intelligent Delivery takes care of the user at the system level. With Intelligent Delivery, only the required portion of the game or chunk would be needed by the system to make the game work. It's not clear how widely publishers will adopt it, however, as there's no indication using the system will be mandatory. But Intelligent Delivery offers some smart tools that stand to have a big impact on storage space and download times.