Emir meets Erdogan in Turkey


Obaid Al ZaabiHe further explained the contradictions in Qatar's narrative against the diplomatic ban " In our opinion, these contradictions, which always exist in Qatar's policies, reveal the double-standards of his speech, as Qatari officials have made a different speech for their own country, and another speech to mislead worldwide public opinion and hide the true causes of the crisis, while everyone knows that Qatar supports terrorism and funds terrorist organisations".

Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani will visit Turkey on Thursday to meet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his first visit overseas since the start of a diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia, Ankara said.

Qatar has so far refused to acquiesce to stipulations that include closing Al Jazeera, distancing itself from Iran and shutting down a Turkish military base in Doha.

Klein added that "it's wrong to meet with them without seeing that they've made serious movement toward reform and change. We have big trust in them, and will continue with these investments".

Nick Muzin, whose firm Stonington Strategies will receive $50,000 a month for its work on behalf of Qatar, said improved ties between US Jews and the emirate is in the Jewish community's "best interest".

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Sheikh Tamim meets with Donald Trump in Riyadh in May.

The Qatari emir and President Erdogan are expected to discuss the crisis with the Gulf states. Many of these same officials underscored that such meetings, which can touch upon sensitive matters relating to vulnerable Jewish communities, should not be understood as political endorsements.

"Turkey's move both prevented a possible intervention and also forced the Gulf states to compose a list of demands for Qatar to start negotiations".

"This kind of access is not granted often, which is what makes these meetings worthy of note", Schanzer said. Muzin is known for his strong ties with Republican Senator Ted Cruz. In a statement on September 7 announcing the initiative, Muzin said he believed that the Qataris were "sincere" in their desire to improve relations with "the U.S. and the Jewish community worldwide".