Attacker Murders Seven in TX Home, Is Killed by Police


Two other people were wounded in the incident, police said.

The shooting took place in Plano, a suburb north of Dallas on Sunday night, when the victims held a football watching party. The names and relationships of those at the home, and the name of the police officer, were not released.

Lane says her daughter had recently divorced her husband of six years and owned the home on West Spring Creek Parkway where the shooting occurred Sunday evening.

The assailant too was shot dead by police, bringing the total number of deceased to eight.

All involved in the shooting are believed to be adults, according to Fox News and the Associated Press.

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Tilley did not know the total number of people who had attended the gathering.

One witness tells that she heard 30 to 40 shots fired.

As per reports, David Tilley, a Plano Police Officer said that they were looking into the motive. Then around 8 pm, she heard gunshots and smelled gunpowder. An officer who was nearby responded to the call and heard shots when he arrived. Neighbor Lauryn Nichols' friend has been unaccounted for.

Police in the USA state of Texas have shot dead a man after he opened fire on people at a party, killing seven. The story is developing so check back for more details. An investigation is ongoing.