The man who's putting TVR back on the road


The engine starts life as a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre Ford V8 unit, as found in the Mustang, but TVR has enlisted the help of Cosworth to make the V8 its own. When you consider that, alongside the approach to driver aids-there's antilock braking and switchable traction control-it's nearly as if the Griffith is the very opposite of most new cars we write about, which keep getting bigger, heavier, and more automated. This time, it has brought in Gordon Murray - the creator of the McLaren F1 - to design the vehicle. A full ground-effect aerodynamic package is included, while the auto weighs a mere 1,250kg with a flawless 50:50 weight distribution.

Although petrol sports cars are very much in TVR's plans, Chasey did accept that alternative fuel options will have to be considered at some point: "We can't put our head in the sand though and we are aware we will need an alternative powertrain eventually".

Weighing just 1200kg - 300kg lighter than the 911 GTS - the born again TVR will also offer ballistic performance.

We've already seen the chassis, a mix of steel tubes with composite panels (carbon fiber sandwiching an aluminum honeycomb) bonded on for stiffness.

TVR Griffith
The man who's putting TVR back on the road

The result of all this is a claimed sub-4-second 0-to-60-mph time, a 0-to-100-mph time of around 6 seconds, and a 200-mph top speed. Large 19-inch wheels shod in 235/35 rubber sit up front and are joined by 20-inch wheels out back wrapped in meaty 275/30 rubber.

Like any true TVR, the Griffith doesn't use excessive aerodynamic elements such as a big rear wing spoiler. Custom wheels, all leather interior, bespoke infotainment system and special paint are included. "It was the noise a TVR made that hooked me first", he says, which goes some way to explaining the music that thundered out in Earls Court to accompany the Griffith's unveiling: Come On And Feel The Noise, by Slade. TVR also promises there will be "more than adequate" luggage space, so long trips with you and a passenger will definitely be doable. There are a few design cues carried over - plus the launch color - but it looks like TVR has entered a new era - one of more sophistication and refinement.

The brand continued to exist in deep stasis, with control passing to a company led by former software entrepreneur Les Edgar.

Prices start from £90,000 but production won't actually start until late 2018 - meaning you'll have to wait until 2019 to actually get the vehicle delivered.

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