ASUS Mixed Reality Headset Delayed Until 2018


Microsoft announced that a major update to its Windows operating system will be released globally on October 17. The US technology titan showed off the Windows 10 update at the company's annual developers' conference early this year to encourage creation of offerings tuned to the software. All of this innovation will be brought to life by a range of beautifully designed, and feature rich modern devices available from our hardware partners this holiday. Designing Windows to make Microsoft cloud services available from competitors' devices and moving quickly in the nascent mixed-reality market were seen as shrewd moves by the company. If you're like me you'll love Windows Ink best feature, Find my Pen.

Outside of gaming expect the usual security fixes to come alongside the update, plus something called OneDrive Files On-Demand that means cloud storage won't require a local copy on your PC or laptop to function correctly.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is reportedly being finalized now and Windows Insiders are testing the builds to iron out any lingering bugs.

Acer has put its weight behind Microsoft's Mixed Reality ecosystem, with the Taiwanese company's chairman, Jason Chen, estimating that the Mixed Reality market will reach 10 million units sold a year in the next few years, making it the largest platform for virtual reality.

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The Fall Creators Update brings new enhancements to Game Mode, which allows games to use the full processing power of a device as if it was an Xbox game console, right from a new button on the Game bar.

Microsoft also announced plans by manufacturers of PCs and virtual-reality headsets to introduce new hardware for businesses, consumers and video gamers to take advantage of so-called "mixed reality" features in the October software release.

In addition to Acer, Dell and Lenovo will also be releasing headsets on the same day and Asus will be releasing one in 2018.

Microsoft has been working on Story Remix for a long time, an app that will replace Windows Movie Maker.