No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Revealed For Nintendo Switch


You may not be specifically interested in it, but between the raffles that occur in Japan just to get one, the numerous celebrities who have been spotted playing their Switch in real life, and the remarkably steady flow of must-have exclusives the Switch is enjoying, it is the one console released in the previous year that has likely been on the mind of every gamer at some point. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. It's premiering on the Nintendo Switch ahead of other platforms, which is a nice little get for Ninty.

Nintendo recently hosted a Switch showcase on August 30 where it mentioned several indie titles coming soon to the console. Original music by Kid Koala, first on Switch holiday 2017. This means that we're able to enjoy the same experience as we would at home with little difference in visual performance.

During the livestream, Nintendo's Head of Partner Management Damon Baker said, "just as the battle begins, the two men are inhaled by a phantom game console", which will be their only way out. It presents a large number of games, for every taste, which players will soon be able to enjoy. The premise is simple: find the game that your mother hid from you in each room of the house.

Lately, Nintendo has ramped up its focus on indie developers.

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Additionally, if you're planning on venturing to Japan in late September, demonstration booths at the Tokyo Game Show will be on hand as well. Several of those revealed were new titles.

Like Never Alone, a platformer also based on indigenous culture, Mulaka can also teach players more about a culture unlike their own.

Mom Hid My Game is one of the most weird video games. Those games are supposed to have their release by the end of this year, and some even next year.

The Nintendo Switch can be an ideal house for Indies to live in, and Nintendo are doing a lot right to try and bring them to the console, but there's still more to do to make that house into a home.