Kim's decision to not fire missiles toward Guam 'wise and well reasoned'


In the United States, Japan and South Korea said that North Korea launched an Intercontinental rocket, which could theoretically reach U.S. soil. "We're using tough sanctions and pressure against North Korea to stop it from carrying out additional provocations, and we agree that we need to persuade North Korea to join negotiations aimed at giving up its nuclear weapons".

After a week of rising tensions and threats, US President Donald Trump this week praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a "wise and well reasoned" decision not to fire missiles towards Guam.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon admitted Kim Jong-un called the US's bluff on a potential war over his quest of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

He said the military was developing "credible, viable military options" upon orders from Trump.

The Chinese military is willing to work with its U.S. counterpart to strengthen mutual understanding and trust, deepen cooperation and manage risks and differences in an appropriate and effective manner, Fang said.

Mr Lavrov warned "we can't support ideas by some of our partners to suffocate North Korea economically with all the negative and tragic humanitarian consequences for its citizens".

During a televised news conference, Moon also promised to prevent another military conflict on the Korean Peninsula. "I want all South Koreans to believe with confidence there will be no war", the president said.

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"War is up to the president, and perhaps up to Congress", Mattis said.

North Korea eased up on threats as Kim promised he would keep an eye on the U.S. despite a warning to launch an attack on Guam.

Trump says: "The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!" Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has exhorted China to strongarm its diplomatic ally into dropping its rogue weapons programmes.

The commentary is viewed as part of Pyongyang's efforts to ease its isolation in the global community following the recent adoption of a stronger anti-North Korea sanctions resolution at the United Nations Security Council over its repeated missile launches. "Otherwise, they will meet with the fire and fury that the world has not seen before", - said the head of the White house. And it could get worse if the lesson Trump learned from the standoff with North Korea was that his harsh comments deescalated the matter.

As a candidate for the presidency, Moon, a liberal who took office in May, said he would "say no to the Americans" if necessary.