Colanders and Welding Masks? DIY Ways to View the Total Solar Eclipse


Help children to be sure they use handheld solar viewers and eclipse glasses correctly.

"However, if owners are concerned for their pets' safety, the only way to guarantee their eyes won't be damaged by the sun is to keep them indoors", Warren said.

If you've downloaded one of the eclipse apps, give it a run-through this weekend so you'll know what features it includes. In an arc from OR to SC, 10 states will be in the path of totality, experiencing total darkness.

What you want are either welders glasses, you really want to use degree 14, or you can get those fancy solar eclipse glasses that you might have found at your local library, your local science museum.

However, during the August 21 eclipse, Texas will not experience a total solar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible in the USA for the first time after nearly a century.

Even though your pets probably won't look at the sun, if it were to happen, it would be harmful for them. Or if you have solar eclipse glasses, go to enjoy the show.

The public is invited to watch the eclipse at Thomas More's BB&T Observatory where the telescopes will be outfitted with special filters.

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Lowes is sold out of the eclipse glasses, and Walmart is quickly running out.

Remember, unless you live within totality, or you travel to visit somewhere under totality, you won't see any so-called "hidden" planets, or the completely covered sun. You'll need them to safely view the partial phase of the eclipse directly.

The eclipse could last up to three hours from beginning to end, but the total phase of the eclipse is only two minutes and 40 seconds, according to NASA.

One worry in the Pacific Northwest, says Musher, is the number of active wildfires in the region, and the smoke may interfere with viewing.

However, snapping a photo of the eclipse can cause major damage to your phones if you have any sort of zoom lens attached to your phone. After glancing at the sun, turn away and remove your filter - do not remove it while looking at the sun. "By global standards, they are so black when you put them on you can not see any light, through these you look at the sun it's a little orange ball".

Monday forecast calls for mostly sunny skies in Plainview with only a few high clouds.