Game Of Thrones 'Spoils of War' served up a major cliffhanger


It's only a few hours since Game of Thrones' Season 7 episode 4 was broadcast on HBO and on OCS and it's already time to ask what will happen next week in Eastwatch. The theory usually bumps up against the theory that Daenerys and Jon Snow (who we now know has Targaryen blood) are destined to be among them and that Tyrion Lannister, whose lineage remains somewhat iffy if you read into certain quotes, would be the third.

Whether you love or hate HBO's juggernaut fantasy series, one thing is undeniable: Game of Thrones is not much longer for our TV screens.

Jon Snow seems the most reliable character to get behind: he knows who the real enemy is - he protects the Starks - and he could be a guiding force for good with Dany.

Terri Schwartz is Editorial Producer at IGN. We also figure that there is going to be tension judging from Tyrion not really wanting her to go through with this in the first place. In "The Spoils of War" we saw Tyrion getting all anxious about his brother Jaime, the only family he really has, during the "Loot Train Attack" scene (seriously, who named it that?!). She is paranoid and suspicious of even her most loyal supporters.

"In season six, which was our biggest season up to that point, we had eleven shots featuring Emilia [Daenerys] riding the dragon", VFX supervisor Joe Bauer says in the first behind-the-scenes featurette below.

On the other hand, Jon Snow reminded Daenerys that the army of the dead is coming. Not only does Arya finally reunite with her brother and sister, Bran and Sansa, at their childhood home of Winterfell, but she also gets to see Brienne of Tarth. So the thought is that there's one more member of the family that could be Tyrion, whose mother died in childbirth - just like Jon's and Daenerys's - and who seemed to tame dragons pretty easily.

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Firstly, looks like the battle between the Lannisters and the armies (and dragon) under Daenerys left absolute carnage, which all looks too much for poor old Tyrion...

Despite a truncated run this year, Game of Thrones has packed in more action than you can shake a Valyrian steel sword at.

Relive Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones cameo right here.

In the scene, Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank makes it clear that the Bank doesn't "bet" on the winner, but rather, they invest on the chosen victor.

Jon Snow is still at Dragonstone.