There has been a possible 'rally cat' sighting in St. Louis


The St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach reported spotting and rescuing a kitten overnight in City Garden that appeared similar to the kitten who famously took over Busch Stadium moments before Yadier Molina's game-winning grand slam on Wednesday night.

After making his (it's a he!) first grand appearance on the field Wednesday night in St. Louis the infamous Rally Cat bit a stadium worker, was taken into the tunnels of the stadium, and promptly disappeared.

We'll see what lies ahead in Rally Cat's future.

Cat lover Korie Harris wanted to keep it so when she was questioned by the Cardinals security, she said it was her's and quickly left the stadium.

The St. Louis Cardinals said a kitten that ran onto the field, spurring their comeback win on Wednesday has gone missing.

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Later in the morning, a board member of the outreach confirmed the cat they had in their possession was the Rally Cat.

She claims she found the kitten sitting alone at Gate 3 near the Stan Musial statue and scooped it up.

Stray Rescue St. Louis does not have Rally Cat, but the attention is generating interest in cat adoptions in general, and shelters are taking advantage of it. She says the feline jumped out of her arms into some tall grass somewhere in Citygarden on Market Street.

On her way home she was stopped by several fans who asked to take pictures, but the cat would not be contained and ran from Harris. "I really fell in love with this little cat and can only hope we can be reunited". "Our grounds crew is working on developing a stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both crew and animal should this happen again". TRUE soon as I saw this cat run across the field I knew I needed to know where/what was going to happen to this kitten- I sprinted past numerous ushers asking do u know where they are putting this cat?.

"I just want to find him", she said.