OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2


Elon Musk's been one of the loudest voices in tech about the dangers of AI - even setting up a foundation, OpenAI with a mission: "discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence". What OpenAI has learned with Dota 2 might just translate to other fields where understanding subtleties can be crucial to success.

Dota 2, for those unfamiliar, is an online multi-player battle game.

As part of a special demonstration for the crown, the OpenAI bot defeated Dendi easily in the first of three rounds, with the victor being the first to two kills or destroying an in-game tower.

One of the best players in the world, which is entrusted to the standoff bot, was a Ukrainian nickname Dendi.

The billionaire said that when someone is interested in issues of level of safety using bots, now is the time to prepare.

Before the battle kicked off, Dendi greeted the screaming crowd at Seattle Center's Keyarena, where the competition was hosted, wearing a hooded white robe and playfully boxing the air.

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The next big step for the project is to create a team of five that can compete against a full squad at next year's global, according to OpenAI.

But when the game kicked off, it became clear Open AI's bot was a different beast. In the second game, after the AI scored a quick kill, Dendi threw in the towel, saying that the bot was simply "too strong!" The AI "feels a little like [a] human, but a little like something else", Dendi said. The bot crushed Dendi.

This isn't the first time a bot has made waves in the gaming world.

Dota is a great testbed for artificial intelligence.

Microsoft also played a role in the bot's Dota 2 win on Friday.

The company has also talked about their future endeavors with the bot. "This required massive processing power".