OnePlus 3/3T won't receive any major software update following Android O


Here's what OnePlus said in the forums. Additionally OxygenOS's stock-like interface has never taken too long to update.OnePlus has reportedly confirmed that the "Flagship Killer" OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T won't be getting any major OS updates after Android O.

The first question starts off by asking why the OnePlus 5 has received more updates since it was released than the OP3/3T has had during that same time frame. He further revealed that the Android O update will be rolled out along with security patches and individual app updates as well for the near future.

Considering the OnePlus 3 was released in June of a year ago, this is pretty weak.

Also ending after the OnePlus 3/3T's Android O update is the Open Beta Program for the two phones.

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While the advent of Android O update is indeed a good news for the anxious OnePlus 3/3T owners, the confirmed dearth of updates, following that will surely discourage many. OnePlus has been pushing updates to users on the Open Beta Program around every 1-2 months since its release, and seeing as how the beta has been used to test new features before releasing them to public builds, it only makes sense that these will be ended as well. Even with Android O, the OnePlus 3T will receive just a little over a year of support, which is not much. Many wondered would OnePlus follow the same footsteps for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

As for the foreseeable future, OxygenOS on the OnePlus 3/3T will be updated to version 4.5 in the next month or two, though a security patch will arrive "soon".

OnePlus recently released the OnePlus 5 which comes with a dual-camera setup at the rear, a slimmer and lighter design and top of the line specifications.