North Korea threatens physical actions after United Nations sanctions


In a meeting in Manila hours after the adoption of the United Nations resolution on Sunday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his North Korean counterpart Ri Yong-ho that Pyongyang should stay calm.

The U.N. Security Council is expected to vote Saturday on a new sanctions resolution that would increase economic pressure on North Korea to return to negotiations on its missile program.

Both sanctions against North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes and resumption of the six-party talks are important and neither should be neglected, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday. He pointed out the continued existence of "informal, unreported smuggling" across China's border with North Korea, and added, "so the actual reduction in exports is going to be, it seems to me, far less than $1 billion, and that will not hurt the regime in any severe way at all". Very unlikely, considering the North's actions and decisions in the past. Otherwise, he suggested, "an ad hoc coalition involving like-minded partners like the United States, South Korea and Japan, the European Union may find more success doing sanctions themselves as opposed to trying to negotiate sanctions in the U.N. Security Council". "Very big financial impact!" "Neither shall we flinch even an inch from the road to bolstering up the nuclear forces chosen by ourselves, unless the hostile policy and nuclear threat of the USA against the DPRK are fundamentally eliminated".

"It's quite clear in terms of there being no daylight between the global community as to the expectation that North Korea will take steps to achieve all of my objectives, which is a denuclearised Korean peninsula", he told reporters on Monday.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sought to build pressure on North Korea after securing a new round of United Nations sanctions as he launched into two days of high-level diplomacy on Sunday.

"The North Korean program remains an unconstrained one with neither sanctions nor an operational diplomatic agreement holding it back", Park said. At the same time, a US plan to punish China for alleged unfair trade practice was postponed. -South Korean military exercises.

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China, North Korea's lone major ally, has repeatedly said it is committed to enforcing increasingly tough United Nations resolutions on North Korea, though it has also said what it terms "normal" trade and ordinary North Koreans should not be affected.

Wang said that apart from the new sanctions, the resolution also made clear that the six-party talks process, a stalled dialogue mechanism with North Korea that also includes Russian Federation and Japan, should be restarted.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn said he called on the North to soften its stance during a meeting with its foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, in Manila.

China, a neighbor and longtime ally of the North, was particularly reluctant to impose tougher sanctions on the North, but Washington appeared to have successfully pressured Beijing with the threat of a trade war. Tillerson says he and the South Korean diplomat plan to discuss the sanctions during their meeting, along with next steps to pressure the North.

After that he and his senior aides sat down first with Myanmar's minister of state for foreign affairs, Kyaw Tin, then with South Korea's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-Wha.

They also promised to strengthen their communications to better respond to the North's nuclear threats.